Leaders can view the available ThinkTank activities and activity templates in the Designer tab. Each activity is categorized as Welcome, Crowdsource, Assessment, Visual, Matrix, Session Tools, or From Another Session. Once you add an activity to the Navigation tab, you can adjust each activity's display, permissions, and limits settings by clicking on the gear wheel on each activity.

Multi-Step Activities

In the Designer tab, Multi-step Activities and Activity Templates are denoted with "Multi-step" and display with the "1-2-3" label. Once added to the Session, configured Multi-step Activities or Activity Templates display with "1-2-3" on the tile to help distinguish them from activities without steps.

The following tables summarize the ThinkTank activities or activity templates available in the Designer tab:




 Used to introduce participants to the Session; Leaders can upload an image to this activity

 Custom Crowdsource*

 Used to quickly generate and organize ideas


 Used to generate a list of items by association (represented by tags); also used to quickly generate a long, simple list of ideas

 Agenda, Minutes, and Notes

 Used to list Session agenda, capture minutes, and record action items

 Brainstorm, Categorize, and  Comment

 Used to quickly generate categorize ideas

 Breakout Groups

 Used when you have larger groups and pre-defined topics for ideation

 Free Brainstorm (Breadth)

 Used to generate many ideas from different perspectives, when breadth is more important than depth

 Free Brainstorm (Depth)

 Used when team must brainstorm on several topics at once, when Thinkers have varying levels of interest/expertise, or when achieving depth and detail on predefined topics is key

Assessment Description/Use

Custom  Assessment*

 Used to quickly and effectively poll Thinkers and assess ballot items on multiple criteria

Rank Order  Vote*

 The Rank Order Voting Activity enables you to create ballot items or use items from other activities, rank them by preference, and compare the results.


 Used to quickly and collectively choose a set of items from a list

Pick Your Top X

 Used to quickly and collectively choose a specific number of top items from a list


 Used to attach a number to each item on a list

Low Medium  High

 Used to perform a qualitative assessment on ballot items

Point Range  from 1 to X

 Used to attach a numeric value to a list of items


 Used to quickly and collectively choose a set amount of items from a list

0 to 10 Slider

 Used to assess a list of items on a sliding scale




 Provides Leaders with an interactive medium to present Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations


 Provides Leaders with an interactive medium for presenting images

 Can be used to upload a snapshot of a whiteboard or another image and share it with all participants



Custom  Matrix*

 Provides users with a customizable spreadsheet to compare data and construct more complicated uses.  Leaders and Thinkers can do more with Matrix.

Action Items

 Used to define and assign responsibility, due/completion dates, and status of action items

Pros and Cons  Analysis


 Used to enter a list of options to have Thinkers enter Pros/Cons associated with each

RACI Matrix


 Used to identify different levels of engagement that roles/individuals have in relation to processes or tasks

RFP Response

 Used to draft, review, and revise an RFP into a finalized version for presentation

Risk Register

 Used to define type, cause, and mitigating actions for potential risks to an organization

 Also used to assess consequences, prioritize risk mitigation planning, and implement controls to ensure effective risk management

Session Tools/From Another Session Description/Use

Basic Planning (default  activity for the Plan section)

 Contains questions and guidelines; also acts as a checklist to ensure Session details are  accounted for

Advanced Session Planning

 Intended for certified Session Leaders who have completed the Leading  Collaboration: Session Leader course; this default activity can be used instead of the Basic  Planning activity

Planning Action Items  (default activity for the Plan  section)

 List items, track decisions, and/or assign responsibilities while planning the Session


 Contains information that Session Thinkers should know before Session begins, such as handouts, PDFs

Session Notes (default activity  for the Outcomes section)

 Used to document assignments, thoughts, and/or questions to revisit later

Action Items (default activity  for the Outcomes section)

 Used to define and assign responsibility, due/completion dates, and status of action items

Qualitative Feedback

 Used to gather qualitative feedback from Thinkers about the Session, leadership, process, outcomes, etc.

Quantitative Feedback

 Used to gather quantitative feedback from Thinkers

Comfort Check

 Used to get sense of how participants are feeling

From Another Session

 Enables Leaders to copy an activity from another Session

Note: Activities or activity templates denoted with asterisks (*) are Multi-step activities. For more information, see the Steps topic.

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