Steps automate the variations in navigation, views, permissions, and configurations that Leaders must orchestrate as they lead Thinkers through ThinkTank Sessions. Leaders can maintain detailed control over these settings and make modifications before the Session begins, resulting in a streamlined Session for both Thinkers and Leaders. Steps greatly reduce the reliance on Leaders to remember settings, views, and permissions as the Session progresses. In addition, Leaders can write shorter, more focused sets of Leader and Thinker instructions for every step instead of for the entire activity.

Sessions commonly require that multiple patterns in the collaboration be completed in a single activity, and that more than one activity may be necessary to complete an overall objective. For example, a single Crowdsource activity frequently supports more than one pattern of collaboration:

Leaders can apply a step for each pattern in the collaboration, change views and permissions for each step, and then add instructions specific to each step to reach the objective of each pattern of collaboration.


Multi-Step Activities, located in the Designer tab, contain two added steps available for configuration in the Session or ThinkApp. To add a new Multi-Step Activity to a session, open the Designer tab, and drag and drop the activity tile anywhere in the Navigation tab. Multi-Step Activities are depicted with the "1-2-3" label to the left of their icon. In the Navigation tab, each Step is listed below the Activity name and description. Each Multi-Step Activity template comes with one blank step. This first step is where you can configure the first step of the activity. Steps can be added, modified, moved and deleted.

Multi-Step Activities include the following:

  • Multi-Step Crowdsource
  • Multi-Step ThinkTag
  • Multi-Step Custom Assessment
  • Multi-Step Rank Order Vote
  • Multi-Step Picture This!
  • Multi-Step Matrix


Add a new Step by selecting the Add  icon in the lower-leftcorner of the Activity.

When the new Step is added, it is a copy of the Step before it, so make any configuration changes before adding the next step or moving to another part of the agenda. Saving is not necessary as changes are saved as they are made.


There are many different ways to modify a Step and configure your preset for that Step.

Green Dots

You can activate and deactivate columns and text entry boxes in each step, therefore adjusting what Thinkers see and are able to contribute to in each step.

What Thinkers see during each Step can be customized by clicking on the gray dots/green dots. For example, if you, as a Leader, want Thinkers to focus only on entering ideas, hide the other columns by clicking on the Green Dots so they turn gray.


Writing Instructions for Steps

Leaders can type Leader- and/or Thinker-specific directions, scripts, etc. in the Instructions tab to explain exactly what Leaders and/or Thinkers should do during each step. Writing clear and concise instructions for Leaders and Thinkers can help automate the Step, making the Session flow more smoothly.

Add instructions by opening the Instructions tab on the right. Select the Leaders tab to type instructions specific to Leaders and Co-Leaders, and select the Thinkers tab to type instructions for all Thinkers to follow during the Session. Double-click to add text.

Note: For additional information, see the Instructions Tab topic.

Step Settings

After clicking on the step, click the Gear icon at the right to open its settings. All settings changes made only apply to the selected step.

  • Display - display name tags and/or time stamps next to contributions
  • Permissions - change what Thinkers can see, add, edit, reorder, organize, and delete


Deleting Steps

Select the trash icon next to a step to delete it and remove it from the activity. Ensure you no longer need the step in the activity since removing it permanently deletes it and its settings from the Session.


Renaming Steps

Double-click on the name of a step to rename that step.


Re-Ordering Steps

Click on the icon to the left of the step name and drag and drop it to the desired location within the Multi-Step activity. Please note that a green line indicates the target drop zone for the step.

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