The ThinkTag activity enables participants to rapidly list numerous items. Thinkers may then apply one or more tags to items added to the activity. It is similar to the Brainstorm activity, but it provides different dimensions of organization.


  • ThinkTag Activity Window has different views that are selected with the tabs across the top.
  • Items are listed with colored squares to indicate which Tags have been applied.
  • Tags are labels that can be applied to one, many or all Items. Tags enable participants to apply one or more categories to items.
  • Item Grid displays the Items and their Tags in an all-encompassing, easy to read view. The Grid View also provides a good place to apply and remove tags.
  • Tag Filter displays all of the Items of selected Tags, and enables the user to create and save multiple filters.
  • Text Entry Box, located at the bottom of the Items column, enables participants to add new items.

Participants can add new items by typing in the bottom text entry box. The Items tab provides a clean, simple medium for entering new items. If Tags have been applied to items, a colored square displays to the right of the item. Items cannot be reordered or indented. If reordering is necessary, Leaders can copy the items to a Brainstorm Activity, and then reorder and copy them into a new ThinkTag activity. Users can enter 5,000 Items into the ThinkTag activity, making it great option for large conference groups.

To create a new item, click in the field at the bottom of window, type the desired text, and press Enter/Return.

The Items & Tags tab displays both Items and Tags, enables users to create both, provides a method to apply the Tags to Items.

A Tag can apply to more than one Item, and an Item can have more than one Tag.


Creating New Tags

When a ThinkTag Activity is first created, it will not have any Tags.

To create a new tag:

  1. Click the Add Tag button at the lower right of the Tags column.
  2. A new Tag appears named Rename Tag. Type in the new name and click anywhere to save it.

To modify or remove a Tag:

  1. Click on the drop-down in the upper right corner of the Tag.
  2. From the drop-down, select Modify to change the name of the Tag.
  3. Select Delete to remove it.

Note: Users may or may not be able to delete Tags depending on the Permissions in the ThinkTag Activity Settings.

Tags can be applied and removed in more than one way and in more than one place.

To Add a Tag by Drag and Drop:

Click to select the Tag. Drag and drop it on the desired Item.

To Add Tags to an Item:

  1. Click on an Item to select it, and any Tags that have already been applied to it will be highlighted as well.
  2. Click on any Tags to apply them to the selected Item. When Tags are applied to the selected Item they will be highlighted.

To Remove a Tag:

Click on a highlighted Tag to remove it. When a Tag has been removed from an item it will no longer be highlighted.

The Item Grid displays all of the Items and Tags in a matrix providing a way to rapidly apply, remove, and sort by Tags.

  1. Items
  2. Tags
  3. Number of Tags for each Item

To add a Tag:

To add a tag, click within the box of the Item (left column) and Tag (top row). An X is placed in the grid to show the item is associated with the Tag. As you hover over an Item’s row it will be highlighted.

To remove a Tag:

Click on an existing X to remove it, so it no longer displays in the grid.

To sort by a Tag:

Click on the name of a Tag to sort that column in ascending order, and untagged Items will be displayed first. Click again to sort in descending order, and tagged Items will display first. To restore the Item Grid to its original state, sort by the Item number.

In the Tag Filter tab, participants can view Items that belong to more than one Tag.

To create new Tag Filters, click on one or more Tags at the left, and only the Items associated with the selected Tag(s) display at the right.

Saved Tag Filters

You can customize and save Tag Filters for future use by clicking on the Save Tag Filter button at the lower right. The new filter appears as a new tab at the right.

To modify a saved filter:

  1. Select the Gear icon from the Filter’s tab.
  2. Rename the Tag Filter.
  3. Select or remove check marks for the appropriate Tag Items.
  4. Click Save.

To remove a saved filter:

  1. Select the Gear icon to the right of the Filter’s tab, which opens the View Options for Filter dialog.

  1. Click on Delete.
  • You do not need to evaluate every item in ThinkTag. ThinkTag is best used to identify affinities, not clarify individual items.
  • Use short names for Tags (less than four words is best to allow Thinkers to read the entire name without having to scroll).
  • Applying Tags to List Items is most effective in a smaller group of 10 Thinkers or less.
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