iPad Features and Functionality

It is strongly recommended that only Thinkers use iPads to participate in Sessions. Leaders should use a browser on a full size screen (on a laptop or desktop computer) to design and lead Sessions. iPad devices have less processing power and network capacity than laptop or desktop computers.

The following functionality should be considered when iPad devices are used in Sessions:

  • Leaders must change Thinker permissions at the Activity or Session Settings level, since the iPad does not support right-click functionality.
  • Reports generated on an iPad are only in HTML format.
  • Due to an iPad's limited processing power, ThinkTank Session or ThinkApp .gsml files cannot be downloaded or uploaded from this device. A Leader must upload or download a Session or ThinkApp .gsml file using a laptop or desktop.
  • It is highly recommended to upload larger-sized document file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., to the Documents tab from a desktop or laptop computer prior to leading a Session.

Note: For details on the technical requirements for using ThinkTank on the iPad, including configuration and login details, see Using ThinkTank on the iPad.

This section provides general usability guidelines for participants using iPads in ThinkTank Sessions.

Text Entry

  • To enter text into ThinkTank, tap or double tap the entry box at the base of an active column, for example, a Crowdsource column, Presentation activity Comments column, etc.

Text Entry - Tap "Return" Button to Add Contribution

  • After you tap or double tap a text entry box, the iPad keyboard pops up. Enter your text into the text entry box and tap “return” on the keyboard to add your contribution to the column.
  • To enter multiple items into a Brainstorm, type your first entry, and then tap “return” on the iPad keyboard. This ensures that the keyboard remains on the screen.

Minimize iPad Keyboard

To minimize the keyboard, tap the “Minimize Keyboard” button in the lower right corner:

Enter Numbers

To enter numbers, tap the .?123 button in the lower left corner. To return to letters mode, tap the ABC button, found in the same location while your keyboard is in number-entry mode. Alternatively, you can tap the .?123 button in the lower right hand corner.

Scrolling - Two Fingers

To scroll up and down or left to right, place two fingers on your screen, and move them in the opposite direction to which you would like to scroll. For example, to scroll down a screen, move two fingers up the screen.


Reorder and Move Text Entries - One Finger

To reorder, or move text entries, place one finger on the item you wish to move, and gently slide your finger up or down on the screen, dragging the item to the desired position.


Maximize Screen View

To maximize your screen view while using the iPad, close all open tabs if possible (Instructions, Documents, Navigation, Thinkers, etc.) by tapping on the tab name.


View and Open Documents

Note: It is highly recommended that Leaders upload files and documents to activities using a desktop or laptop computer prior to leading the Session.

To view and open a document that was uploaded to a ThinkTank activity's Documents tab:

  1. In the Session activity, ensure the Documents tab is open so you can see the list of documents.
  2. Tap the document you want to view (selected document highlights blue), and then tap the drop down arrow that opens the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap View in Browser to view the document.
    • In iOS 8 and 9, PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files are opened in a new browser tab if your iPad does not have an office/documents suite or respective reader installed. If an office/documents suite or reader app is installed on the iPad, then you will see a link (for example, "Open in Excel") to open the file in the respective app.

Note: A Leader's options when tapping on the drop-down arrow are shown above. Guests will be able to complete the 'View in Browser' functionality.


To log out, tap your profile initials at the top right corner of the screen, and select Logout from the menu:

The Reset button appears at the bottom right if your connection has been interrupted, or if you changed from one application to another. Pressing the Reset button resets your ThinkTank connection, and then returns you to the Login screen so you can rejoin the Session.

To reset your ThinkTank connection:

  1. In the ThinkTank Session, place four fingers on the right side of the screen, and then swipe from right to left. This action navigates away from the ThinkTank App.
  2. To return to the ThinkTank Session, place four fingers on the left side of the iPad’s screen, and then swipe from left to right. This action returns you to the app's Session window
  3. When you return to the Session window, the blue Reset button displays at the bottom right. Tap this link to reset your ThinkTank connection, which returns you to the Login screen.

  1. In the Login screen, enter the ID number and Passkey to return to the Session.

The Agenda is used by Leaders to create and manage activities in a ThinkTank session, and it helps Thinkers follow along during a Session.

  • To scroll down the list of activities, place two fingers in the Agenda section and move your fingers up the screen.
  • To scroll up the list of activities, place two fingers in the Agenda section and move your fingers down the screen.

Although it is highly recommended to insert instructions prior to a Session using a laptop or desktop computer, Leaders can add instructions on an iPad, similar to how text entry is completed on an iPad.

The Leader view displays instructions for Leaders and Co-Leaders. Leader instructions are not visible to Thinkers. Thinker instructions are visible to Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Thinkers. If you do not create instructions for Thinkers, the Instructions tab will not be visible to Thinkers.

To add instructions for Leaders or Thinkers:

  1. From the Navigation tab, select the activity or step.
  2. Click on the Instructions tab on the right, and then select the Leader or Thinker tab view.
  3. Click on the pencil (Edit)  icon in the text editing area at the right to open the Edit dialog, shown below, where you can add or edit instructional text.

  1. Enter the content or copy/paste content from another source.
  2. Format the content as necessary using the basic text formatting tools at the top.
  3. After adding text into one of the Instructions fields, tap the keyboard button to close the field and stop editing.
  4. Click on Save.

The Presentation Activity provides Leaders with an interactive medium to present Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. When Leaders are showing a Presentation activity, it is recommended that to be in Slideshow view and to close any open tabs (Instructions, Documents, Thinkers, Navigation) to provide a larger viewing area for slides. The screen shown below shows how Thinkers can view a presentation using an iPad when the Leader has hidden all tabs from view.

Note: Leaders must upload PowerPoint presentations from a desktop or laptop computer before the Session begins.

When using the Rank Order Vote activity, hold the iPad in landscape view and close all open tabs to maximize the screen.

To move an item:

  1. Place one finger on the ballot item.
  2. Gently slide your finger up or down to move the ballot item. A green line appears where the item will be placed.

Note: When viewing the voting results, you can tap a bar in the chart to display the standard deviation.

When you are using the Custom Vote Activity, hold the iPad in landscape view and close any open tabs (Navigation, Documents, Instructions, Thinkers, etc, if applicable). The Thinker's view is shown below.

  • If you are using the Slider for the voting criteria, tap to move the slider to the correct value location.
  • Add comments to any ballot item by tapping the item to select it, and then tapping the Comments  icon in the toolbar.
  • Cast your vote by tapping the green Vote button at the lower right.
  • After you have cast your vote, view the results by tapping the right arrow at the lower right of the screen.


  • Tap a bar in the results chart to display the standard deviation:


The Reports function allows Leaders to create a customized summary of a ThinkTank session. Leaders can only print HTML reports from an iPad, so it is recommended to generate reports from a desktop or laptop computer.

To generate a report from the iPad:

  1. To generate a Session report, click on your profile initials at the upper right to open the menu options:

  1. Tap Session Report from the drop-down menu.
  1. In the Report Options dialog box, select the sections to include in the report.

  1. Click on Submit to view your report in an HTML format. The HTML reports can be printed if the iPad is connected to a wireless printer.
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