Session Passes

The Session Passes screen enables Workspace Administrators to track how and where Session Passes are being used in a ThinkTank Workspace.

The following types of Session Passes can be allocated to Guests:

1 Pass Per Session Per Day Per Guest

This is the default Session Pass type. Each time a Guest logs in to a Session, a pass is used, and the Guest is provided access for 24 hours.

2 Passes Per 30 Days Per Session, Unlimited Access Per Guest

When this pass type is selected, a Guest who logs in uses two Session Passes and is provided 30 days of unlimited access to a Session. With this Session Pass type, ThinkTank can be used for recurring meetings such as staff meetings, weekly status calls, etc. This licensing model can be used in asynchronous Sessions where Thinkers contribute to a Session over time, not just in one meeting at a given time.

No Passes – 4 Hour Access

When Guests log in, they will not use any Session Passes. However, the Session will only be available for four hours after the first Guest login. The Session is locked after four hours and cannot be accessed after that time. In addition, all activity titles display with “Demonstration Use Only” in the title bar.

The following features and functionality are available in the Session Passes screen:

  • Export to CSV saves the Session Pass information in an external file with a CSV format.
  • Timestamp displays the time when the session pass was used.
  • Session ID displays the ID number of the session where the pass was used.
  • Session Name displays the name or title of the session where the pass was used.
  • Internal/External indicates whether the session is used internally in an organization or for a source external to the organization (used for billing purposes).
  • Location displays the location where the pass was used.
  • User displays the e-mail address of the person who used the session pass.
  • Session Owner displays the e-mail address of the person who created the session.
  • Passes displays the number of session passes used.
  • Balance shows the number of passes remaining.

Note: Your organization may have custom fields configured for the workspace that may display in this screen. In this example, the Note/Reference column is a custom field specific to the ThinkTank workspace displayed above.

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