Session Default Permissions

A Session's Default Permissions enable Leaders to adjust the permissions affecting the Session's overall activities. As a Leader, you can override Session permissions by changing the permission settings at the activity level; or, if the activity contains steps, you can adjust the permissions for the step. Once you open the Default Permissions tab in the Session Settings, you can move the green slider to modify the permissions to Co-Leader, Editor, Creator, or Reviewer.


  • Co-Leader makes all Thinkers Co-Leaders and gives them access to Leader functionality within the Session. These users can view, add, edit or delete any contributions made by any users. This permission setting cannot be overridden by changes in the Activity Settings.
  • Editor gives Thinkers the ability to view, add, and edit contributions made by any users, but they can only delete their own contributions.
  • Creator allows Thinkers to view contributions, to add contributions, and to edit their own contributions
  • Reviewer is a view-only setting. Thinkers can see contributions but cannot contribute or change anything.
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