Known Issues & Workarounds

Smartphone Client

NOTE: ThinkTank's Smartphone Client is in beta.

You may use the smartphone client, but if undesirable behavior occurs, it is not likely to be fixed. However, we have made this page available to provide you with workarounds for known issues and general information that enhances your ability to continue to use ThinkTank on your phone.

For additional information about the Smartphone Client Beta capabilities, please see our Smartphone Client Session Guidelines.

If you decided not to make smartphone client available in your workspace, please ask your workspace administrator to email support to disable it.

Clear Ballot Action Issue


In an Assessment Activity when ballots are cleared, the data does not clear on Mobile Client. If a re-vote is done then new data adds to the data that did not clear, introducing duplicate votes for those on mobile phones only. The ThinkTank desktop application functions properly providing accurate data and information.


If the “Clear Ballot” action needs to be performed and the Thinkers (Session Participants) are using mobile devices, copy the Activity and magnet the group to the new Activity to re-vote, instead of returning to the ballot view to re-vote in the same Activity.

Workaround Steps

1. Copy Activity

2. Rename New Activity

3. Magnet Session participant to newly created Activity


If you find any content on this page is not accurate or up to date, please contact ThinkTank Support.



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