The Users screen in the Admin Interface enables Workspace Administrators to manage all users and their respective settings in a ThinkTank Workspace.

The Users screen provides the following administrative functionality:

  • New  icon enables you create new Thinkers, Leaders, or Workspace Administrators in a ThinkTank Workspace.
  • Export to CSV  icon enables you to export a file with all user data in a comma separated format.
  • The upper table displays all user data in the ThinkTank Workspace.
  • The lower portion of the window displays the details for the selected user (highlighted blue in the table) and allows you to change the user's details, including username, password, email address, account type, etc.

You can assign a new ThinkTank user as a Thinker, Leader, or Workspace Administrator.

To create a new user:

  1. Log into ThinkTank with your Workspace Administrator credentials.
  2. Click on the Users icon at the top of the Admin Interface toolbar.
  3. From the upper left toolbar, click on the New  icon. The Create User dialog box opens.

  1. Type a Username for your user.
  2. Enter a Password which is required for the user to join sessions.
  3. Enter the user’s E-mail Address. The e-mail domain must be registered in the ThinkTank Workspace (for details, see Workspaces).
  4. Select an Account Type for the user. The following account types are available for selection:
  • Thinker, who can join and participate in ThinkTank Sessions. Thinkers cannot create new Sessions or ThinkApps. In addition, Thinkers cannot upload Sessions and ThinkApps to the workspace.

Note: Users assigned as Thinkers are required to successfully complete the Leading Collaboration (Session Leader) training course before they can create new Sessions and ThinkApps as well as upload Sessions and ThinkApps. For more information, visit the ThinkTank website.

  • Leader, who can create new Sessions and ThinkApps as well as upload Sessions and ThinkApps to the ThinkTank workspace.
  • Workspace Administrator, who can add, edit, or delete ThinkTank account holder information within a ThinkTank Workspace.
  1. Click on Create, and your new user will be added to the list of users.
  1. Click on the row of the user to modify, and the corresponding details display at the bottom.
  2. Modify the appropriate fields, such as Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.

Note: You should encourage users to change their own passwords at the Login screen.

    • The Type field indicates if the user is a Thinker, Leader, or Workspace Administrator.
    • The Active drop-down lets you select which users are active leaders. This helps you if you have a limited number of leader resources available.
  1. Click Save and your information for that user will be updated.

You can export all users' details directly to a csv file. Click on the Export to CSV  icon in the upper left toolbar. Depending on your browser, the download location varies.

Common default download locations for Chrome and Internet Explorer are:

• Chrome (\Users\<username>\Downloads)

• Internet Explorer ('Save As' to your specified folder)

If you want to hide inactive users from view, click on the Hide Inactive Users  icon. To view the inactive users once again (in addition to active users), click on the same icon.


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