Within the Admin Interface, the Usage screen lists ThinkTank™ usage details for each session. In this screen, Workspace Administrators can view details for each session in the Workspace, including each Session ID, creation date, Session owner, total account holders, total guests, and other data.

  • Refresh updates the displayed information.
  • Export to CSV enables you to download and saves the Usage information in a spreadsheet format.
  • Session ID lists the ID number of the session.
  • Create Date displays the time when the session pass was created.
  • Internal/External indicates whether the session is used internally in an organization or for a source external to the organization (used for billing purposes).
  • Session Owner displays the e-mail address of the person who created the session.
  • Account Holders tells the number of users who joined as Account Holders.
  • Passes indicates the number of session passes expended by users who joined as Guests.

Note: Your organization may have custom fields configured for the workspace that may display in this screen. In this example, the Note/Reference column is a custom field specific to the ThinkTank workspace displayed above.

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