Crowdsource Contribution Limits

Is there a limit for contributions in crowdsource activities?

Yes, there is a built in limit to contributions in a crowdsource (also known as brainstorm) activity. The hard limit is 300 categories (first column), 300 ideas (middle column) per category, and 300 comments (third column) per idea.

The maximum contributions allowed for a crowdshouce overall is 1000. So, while there may be 300 categories, if there are 300 ideas in two categories and 100 comments on the ideas in those two categories, then no more entries may be made into this crowdsource.

NOTE: As the contribution volume approaches the 1000 limit, performance may begin to slow down. Users may see their contributions add more slowly and may see other's contributions come through more slowly. If you expect to quickly reach the 1000 contribution level, consider splitting your crowdsource into two crowdsource activities.

To learn more about the crowdsource activity, including best practices, visit our tutorial here: Crowdsource Tutorial.

For more information on managing settings in your crowdsource activity, visit this tutorial: Crowdsource Activity Settings.

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