Quick Steps to Run a Session

New to ThinkTank? Here are the seven steps to get you up and running with a Session. 

Step One: Create a Session

Easy. At the top of the Home Page of your ThinkSpace, you will see a green button. Simply click the button and you will get a menu like the following: 

Select the Create New Session, and you are on your way to creating a New Session. Once in the Session, the menu options will differ then from the home page.

Step Two: Name your Session

Name: This is the Title of the Session.   

Description: This is the description of the Session. 

Note / Reference: Insert any notes about this Session you may want to incorporate. 

Passkey: Assign a number, alphanumeric, or a combination thereof for the Passkey. Thinkers are required to enter a Passkey to join a Session. This can be changed at any point in time. 

Session Pass Type: Not used. 

Include default activities...(if enabled): Specific activities automatically display in the Navigation tab to provide guidance in the planning and creation of the Session

Enforce Calendar: Not used.

Step Three: Add Activities and Update Content

Open the Designer Tab, and add activities to your Session. For a comprehensive explanation of the Session and the Session sections, please see the following article: ThinkTank Session

To learn more about the variation of activities, check out this helpful article on ThinkTank Activities.

PRO TIP: Did you know that you can import Activities from other Sessions that you have run?

Check out this video to learn how. 



Step Four: Invite Users to the Session

To invite someone to a Session you simply click the button. The Add button will then launch your default email client for you to send the details of the Session to your desired person. 

PRO TIP: You can also grab the hyperlink to the Session and Passkey by clicking on your initials in the upper right hand section and selecting the Session Settings. The user will need the Session number and PassKey to access the Session.

Step Five: Using Visibility 

Once you have Users in a Session, you may have been wondering what are the green dots? Those green dots control what Participants can see. Below is an example of a Leader View and a Participant View. The Leader view with all of the Green Dots is what the Participants can see. The gray dots indicate that Participants can not see those areas. 

PRO TIP: We recommend to log in as a guest in either another browser or device to verify Session and Activity Settings are set up the way you expected. 

Step Six: Getting the Data Out 

To access the Session Report, simply click your initials in the upper right hand section of the Session. 

Once you have clicked the Session Report, you will get a Modal asking how you would like your Report. Select the format and select the Activities that you would like to export. Once selected, you will be prompted to download the file.  

Step Seven: Keep Practicing! 

Repeated practice will yield new skills and methods for completing once mundane or labor intensive tasks. Explore the Success Center for ways to use ThinkTank. 



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