ThinkTank for Enterprise Transformation Teams

ThinkTank’s Digital Engagement system transforms how leaders engage and align distributed teams, cutting through politics and bias to deliver amazing outcomes.


For Enterprise Transformation Teams

ThinkTank is a next-generation Digital Engagement system that supports leaders of business transformation and change management programs, to direct and automate their process. Our cloud-enabled software and solutions help companies cut through organizational politics and social bias, tear down silos and increase collaboration – with incredible outcomes. 

ThinkTank’s unique approach to project execution, by leveling the playing field for stakeholder engagement, ensures that every voice is heard, every decision is inclusive and people have less fear of participation. This creates a unique stage for collaborative co-creation. ThinkTank fosters shared ownership and creates passionate teams that behave with the same ownership and enthusiasm seen in startup environments, even though they may be working in massive corporations.

  • Re-energize frozen and un-trusting company cultures
  • Tap into the true collective intelligence of your organization
  • Outsmart workplace silos, bias and fear to uncover valuable business truths 

Every progressive business today runs on carefully tracked projects, programs and KPIs. ThinkTank standardizes the approach that business transformation teams and change managers use to engage and align leaders and teams with their project stakeholder communities. Our solutions and use cases for enterprise change teams include:

Business Transformation & Change Management


Our Solutions

For those who manage business strategy, transformation & change 

Strategy & M&A

Use ThinkTank to manage critical strategy projects, from planning and scoping to synthesis and execution. Employ ThinkTank as the digital forum for managing the complex tasks associated with corporate development or a merger/acquisition transaction. 

Organizational Alignment

ThinkTank’s system of engagement for routine C-Level town hall and roundtable discussions, leadership engagement or corporate retreats. 

Process Re-Engineering

Business analysis and process engineering teams find ThinkTank’s structured collaboration toolkit invaluable for modeling ”AS-IS” and “TO-BE” processes with groups of stakeholders. Teams can involve everyone concerned, and rapidly move from process design to process deployment, with associated change management.

Innovation & Design

ThinkTank brings powerful group ideation and crowdsourcing tools to any enterprise team or agency looking to bring rigor and repeatability to the innovation process. Similarly, product design and management teams within the enterprise rely on ThinkTank to help engage stakeholders in gathering and prioritizing requirements, as well as assist with critical decision making. 

Technology & Application Deployment

Is your organization considering the selection and deployment of a capital-intensive technology, or a major enterprise application (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Workday)?  Aligning a broad and diverse set of business owners during vendor selection, design, development and deployment is a risk-ridden endeavor. ThinkTank unites the team leader with all stakeholders across the process, for maximum productivity and project ‘stickiness’ and buy-in.

Project Planning & PMO

Program Managers, Project Managers and Operational Excellence Teams use ThinkTank to standardize the process for stakeholder engagement and steer teams around a mission critical engagement. From standardized agenda management, change management, rigorous follow up on weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews and more – ThinkTank provides must have tools for serious program managers. 

Enterprise Risk

ThinkTank sessions enable inclusive risk conversations, markedly improving efficiency in information gathering, and accelerating the cycle time from risk assessment to risk management results. In addition to quickly prioritizing and assessing risks, ThinkTank sessions provide a more holistic understanding of risk drivers, existing controls and opportunities to improve enterprise risk management. 

Change Management

Digital Engagement sessions are ideal for enterprises embarking on transforming their collaboration process. Though integrating innovative tools and methods throughout the change lifecycle, ThinkTank helps organization drive and scale change management needs to meet their strategic goals and achieve adoption. 


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