ThinkTank for Consulting

ThinkTank’s Digital Engagement system transforms how leaders engage and align distributed teams, cutting through politics and bias to deliver amazing outcomes.


Transforming Business Transformation

ThinkTank is a next-generation Digital Engagement system that enables leaders of business transformation programs with an entirely new and exciting way to engage clients. Our cloud-enabled software and solutions help consulting and professional services teams cut through organizational politics and social bias, tear down silos, reduce conflicts and increase collaboration – to truly deliver incredible outcomes. 

ThinkTank transforms the interaction model between teams and their stakeholders at almost every stage of a client engagement. From sales and account management, to delivery of multimillion-dollar enterprise transformation projects, our software and approach is proven to overcome classic project challenges including: misalignment, delayed execution, slow decision making, expensive rework and organizational rejection of the end solution.

Our Solutions for Consulting & Professional Services Teams

ThinkTank is purpose-built for consultants, change managers and operational excellence practitioners. It eliminates risks in solution scoping and delivery and ensures exceptional and lasting outcomes across group-oriented initiatives. Using ThinkTank as the system of engagement with clients will energize and improve process - shifting from an outdated “Them vs. Us” relationship, to a “With Us” co-creation and collaborative relationship. It is a game-changing approach for services firms seeking closer and deeper client connections. 1.png

Our Solutions

Sales & Account Management

Throughout the lifecycle of a consultant-to-client engagement, consultants must constantly represent the very best of their skills, talent, experience and expertise. Using ThinkTank to organize rapidly around RFP/RFI events to align and automate pitch, pursuit and account planning is becoming a new normal for leading consulting practitioners.

  • Align all your best talent in record time to respond to RFI/RFP events using collaborative real-time and asynchronous input from distributed teams and subject matter experts.
  • Impress clients by deeply engaging with them from the outset – use ThinkTank for discovery or oral presentations, gaining an acute understanding of their challenges and objectives collected during initial engagements.
  • Compress sales cycles by automating complex sales pursuits that require multi-party, multi-geography input & alignment.


Business Transformation & Change Management

The current methods and tools consultants typically use, in the delivery of consulting and professional services projects, are the same as they were 50 years ago. Engagement is littered with analog techniques, costly meetings, facilitators, workshops and burdensome travel budgets. Ironically, the very same consulting firms that advocate for shifting their clients’ business to digital, have yet to shift to digital themselves. ThinkTank completely redefines the tools-of-the-trade for business transformation and change management. Work with ThinkTank, consultants to:

  • Unlock the untapped collective intelligence and potential of teams – through deeper collaborative engagement. Provide real-time input and analysis, while providing a neutral forum and selective anonymity – reducing fear of participation and prejudice and uncovering the ‘truth’ in client engagements.
  • Understand KPIs of project health or progress, increasing stakeholder participation and reducing costs.
  • Deliver a ‘digital trail of breadcrumbs’ for every project and session, including all input, team decisions, structured output and deliverables for future reference and next-generation qualifications.

Enterprise Application Deployment (EAD)

Selection and deployment of a large enterprise application (e.g. SAP, Workday, Oracle etc.) is one of the most expensive and risky undertakings for any CEO or CIO. And, there is high potential for scope creep, slippage and rework. With the average cost of an EAD bordering on $6.1M, and a delivery time of 15.7 months, we must take our responsibility as the trusted advisor and implementation facilitator very seriously. Using ThinkTank’s ThinkSpaces™ as the de-facto forum for such major EAD initiatives helps consultants to:

  • Align Stakeholders for maximum productivity and project “stickiness”
  • Increase solution adoption and buy-in
  • Direct & excel in best practice selection and deployment projects of cloud or on premise enterprise apps
  • Accelerate outcomes, reduce delivery risk                      

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