Questionnaire Settings Explained

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the Questionnaire Settings that are available for configuration. The Settings will modify the Participants User Interface, which will be documented below. 

In the Questionnaire, the Settings are accessed through the Gear Icon or upon creating your first Questionnaire. 


Anonymous Participation 

Anonymous Participation does not change anything from the User's perspective, however, the Leader's Questionnaire Dashboard doesn't show the Participant names. Use the animation below to see the difference. 

Enable Discussion

Discussion enables Participants to interact with the Leaders of the Session when they require clarification on one of the questions they are answering. The below video provides and overview of the interaction between the Participant and the Leader. Discussion items can be edited or deleted by the Leader or the Participant that entered the comment. 



Enable Notes for Question Answers

Notes enables Participants to provide additional context or information regarding the answer that they provided. Notes are made by Participants and are exported out of the Questionnaire with the answers. The animation below shows the functionality for a Participant when the Note icon is clicked. 


Enable Participant to Upload Files 

Allowing Participants to Upload files enables a Participant to upload the following files: 

  • PDF

Enable Participants to Change their Answers after Submission

The default for Questionnaire does not allow a Participant to go back and modify their answers on the Questionnaire. Enabling this Setting allows a Participant to go back and make modifications to their answers. The animation below illustrates the ability for a Participant to modify their answer by pressing the 'Back' button. 


Enable Participants to take multiple Questionnaires 

Enable a Participant to take the Questionnaire and represent multiple entities. Below is an example of the functionality and the Leader summary screen. 



Repeatable Section

In situations it may be necessary for Participants to answer the same series of questions multiple times. Leader's can enable this functionality by clicking the check box for 'Repeatable Section' and Participants will be able to repeat that series of questions. 

From the Participant perspective use the animation below to see the interaction with the 'Repeat Section' button. 



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