Comments Column

In a Crowdsource activity, the Comments column displays all of the comments for the active idea. The default sub-title of the Comments column, displayed in italics, is the active idea. You can double click on the sub-title in the Comments column to enter a new sub-title without changing the idea in the Ideas column.

You can add new comments in a variety of ways:

  • Enter the comment into the bottom Comments column entry box and press Enter/Return.

  • Cut and paste text from another activity/document directly into the Comments column entry box and press Enter/Return.

Note: For additional information, see the Moving Data topic.

  • Use the right-click menu to copy text, then click anywhere in the Comments column and right-click again to paste:

The maximum number of comments for each idea is 300. The default limit can be changed in the Crowdsource activity settings' Limits tab if necessary. Modifying this limit should only be completed if absolutely required.

Comments can be reordered or moved into the Ideas or Categories column.

To reorder a comment:

An comment can be moved up or down the list by clicking on it and dragging it into to the desired position. A green line appears as the item is dragged up or down indicating the relative new position. The idea list numbers update automatically.

To move a comment to another idea or category:

  1. Select one or more comments in the Comments column.
  2. Drag and drop the selection onto the desired Category in the Categories column (that category is highlighted green, shown below). The idea(s) are immediately transferred from the current category (no longer visible on the previous list), into the new category.

Drag and drop the comment(s) into the Ideas column entry box (the box is highlighted green). The comment(s) are added as an idea at the bottom of the current list in the Ideas column. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the comment directly to a position within the Ideas column.

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