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In a Crowdsource activity, the Categories column is the highest level of organizational hierarchy. Categories are groups of ideas. A category must exist and be an active item to enable the input of new ideas. The Crowdsource activity is already populated with a default category called “Uncategorized Ideas”, to enable the immediate entry of contributions.

It is recommended to either enter your own categories, or double-click on “Uncategorized Ideas” to rename it. Categories that have not been viewed will appear in bold lettering. The number to the right of the category name refers to the total number of ideas (and comments, if any are entered against ideas), under that category.

You can add new Categories in a variety of ways:

  • Enter the desired category name into the Categories column entry box and press Enter/Return.

  • Drag an idea or comment directly into the Categories column entry box. The entry box turns green when the copied text has been dragged over to the proper location.

Note: Your selection will not appear in the entry box, but is automatically added to the list of categories.

  • Cut and paste text from another activity/document directly into the Categories column entry box and press enter/return.

Note: For additional information, see the Moving Data topic.

  • Use the right-click menu to copy text, then click anywhere in the Categories column and right-click again to paste:

Each Crowdsource activity has a default maximum limit of 300 categories, and the default limit can be changed in the Crowdsource Activity Settings' Limits tab if necessary. Modifying this limit should only be completed if absolutely required.

Another activity limit is the maximum number of ideas each individual category can hold, which is 300. If you attempt to add more than 300 categories, or more than 300 ideas into a single category, a warning message appears.

You can reorder one or more Categories in the list.

To reorder a Category:

1. Select one or more Categories. When selected, it highlights blue.

2. Drag to the desired location. The target location will be highlighted in green. The changes are instantly reflected in the columns.

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