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Workspace Administrators can view and modify settings in a Workspace by accessing theAdmin Interface. The Admin Interface includes settings for Users, Workspaces, Session Passes, Usage, Servers, and Reservations (for Single Session Servers). The Admin Interface Home screen is similar to the Home screen that opens for Leaders and Thinkers who do not have Workspace Administrator credentials, but provides additional functionality for the Workspace Administrator tasked with maintaining and configuring a Workspace.

Note: For details on the Home screen features and functionality, see the Home Screen topic.

To access the Admin Interface:

  1. Log in to ThinkTank with Workspace Administrator credentials.
  2. By default, the Admin Interface Home screen opens. Workspace settings available for configuration display at the left:

  • Home: The Home screen is the default screen that opens when a Workspace Administrator logs in to ThinkTank. This screen is similar to the Home screen that appears for non-administrative users who log in to ThinkTank, with the additional administrative screens accessible from the side tabs. Workspace Administrators also have the ability to create create ThinkFlows and select the Advanced Reporting features for the Workspace.
  • Users: The Users screen is where Workspace Administrators create new users, reset user passwords, and manage user account information.
  • Workspaces: The Workspaces screen provides an administrative boundary for licensing information, email domains, user types, sessions, connectivity, password-related settings, encryption, session passes, and network settings.
  • Session Passes: The Session Passes screen provides data on session passes, including the number of passes, in which sessions the passes are used, and the remaining balance of session passes in the workspace.
  • Usage: The Usage screen provides usage details for each session including the creation date, whether the session is internal or external, session owner, number of account holders, and number of sessions the passes have been used.
  • Servers: The Servers screen displays the list of Single Session Servers (SSS) under the Enterprise Server. This tab is only visible if an Enterprise Server is configured to have one or more Single Session Servers.
  • Reservations: The Reservations screen displays an SSS reservation and its details for each time as SSS will be checked out for use. Like the Servers tab, this tab will only be visible if the Enterprise Server is configured to have one or more Single Session Servers.

The Advanced Reporting feature, which is available with a license configuration, includes a variety of reports that Workspace Administrators and Leaders can run to further evaluate participation in the ThinkTank Workspace.

To access the list of reports, click on the green plus sign at the upper right of the Home screen, and then select Advanced Reporting from the drop-down menu:

If no reports are available for selection when Leaders try to run a report, then the Workspace Administrator has made all reports unavailable for the Workspace or the license key has not been configured. Workspace Administrators can always view the list of reports as long as the Advanced Reporting license key has been configured.

The following reports may be available for selection:

  • Session Agenda: Lists the activities included in a session
  • Session Contribution Count: Shows a count of contributions by Activity and Activity Type for a session
  • Session List: A simple list of sessions with some participation metrics
  • Session List Using Sub-reports: The Session list using sub reports
  • Session Participation: Shows Thinker counts against the average number of contributions per Thinker for a set of sessions
  • Session Timeline: A Gantt style chart showing when thinkers were active in the activities in a session
  • Thinker Count by Internal/External: A chart showing the count of internal and external Thinkers that have attended sessions in your workspace
  • Thinker Count by Leader: A chart showing the count of Thinkers who have attended sessions per leader
  • Thinker Countby Note/Reference: A chart showing the count of Thinkers who have participated in sessions based on the note/reference (custom field) value
  • Thinker Count by ThinkApp: A chart showing the count of Thinkers by the ThinkApp that was used to create the session
  • Thinkers by Week: A line chart showing the number of Thinkers attending sessions in your workspace

If you are a Workspace Administrator, an eye icon appears next to the selected report. Click this icon to hide the report from Leaders in the workspace.

indicates the selected report is available to Leaders in the workspace.

indicates the selected report is unavailable to Leaders in the workspace.

To run a report:

  1. Select a report to highlight it, and then click on Run Report.The report's filter screen opens:

  1. Only your respective sessions that you have created are available for selection. To limit data that the selected report will search, select or fill in the appropriate criteria, such as Start Date and/or End Date. Any filter field left blank will not be used to limit data (i.e., do not select any date criteria to show data from sessions created on any date).
  2. Select the report's Format (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or HTML) and then click on Generate Report.


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