Welcome Activity

The Welcome Activity serves as the opening screen for each ThinkTank session. It can be customized as needed by the Session Leader.

The Welcome Activity is a good opportunity to:

  • Ask introductory questions to warm up and relax the group
  • Remind users of the rules of engagement
  • Let users know when breaks will occur

The Welcome activity includes the following features and functionality:

  1. Session Title, located in the upper left, displays the name of the session.
  2. Reset (toolbar icon), located in the upper right toolbar, restores the default ThinkTank"Collaborative Process Software" background image.
  3. Magnet (toolbar icon), located in the upper right toolbar, pulls all Thinkers to the activity.
  4. Activity Settings gear wheel, located at the bottom of the activity tile, allows you to change the background image.
  5. Documents and Instructions tabs may contain additional instructions or documents from the Leader.

To change the Welcome activity background image:

  1. From the Navigation tab, select the Welcome activity. When selected, the activity highlights blue.
  2. Click on the gear wheel icon on the bottom of the activity tile. The Welcome Settings dialog opens.

  1. Click on Choose File to locate the new background image.
  2. After selecting the file, click on Open.
  3. In the Welcome Settings dialog box, click on Upload to update the background image.
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