Activity Settings

Leaders can further adjust display settings, permissions, and limits for each activity or activity template in a Session. Activity settings are more refined, or specific, than Session settings. When you assign Session level settings, those settings affect all activities in the Session. You can adjust the activity settings by selecting the activity (so it is highlighted blue as shown below) in the Navigation tab. When selected, click on the gear wheel located at the base of the activity tile:

You can modify the settings for the selected activity's Display, Permissions, and Limits. The settings available for configuration vary across activities and steps.

For details on the settings available for configuration in an activity or step, see the following topics:

When using Multi-Step activities, such as Multi-Step Crowdsource or Multi-Step Assessment, ensure that you modify display settings and permissions for each step. Limits are assigned at the activity level; therefore, all steps inherit the limits assigned to an activity. When you initially add a step in a Multi-Step activity, you must configure the display settings and permissions for the first step. Subsequent steps added to the activity automatically inherit display settings and permissions from the previous step, but you can adjust these settings as necessary.

In the Navigation tab, the selected activity or activity template is highlighted blue. Steps within an activity or activity template are surrounded by a darker gray background, and the step's settings are accessible by clicking on the gear wheel to the right of the step title:

Note: When you modify settings for a step, the Limits section is not visible since limits are configured at the activity level.

You can assign permissions in each Session activity or step so that Thinkers can only see their own contributions and not other Thinkers' contributions.

To assign "Self" permissions to Thinkers:

  1. From the Navigation tab, click on the gear wheel for a selected activity or step.
  2. Make sure that Inherit Permissions option is not selected.
  3. Move the Slider to Custom.
  4. Change the permission drop-downs for View, Edit, and Delete to "Self". Your edits are automatically saved as you close the window.

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