Session Plan

After you create a new session, the Plan page opens by default. The Plan is a page to help you design and organize the new session. By default, Thinkers will not see this in their session.

The left side is the Navigation Pane, which displays various elements of the Agenda, and the tabs for Designer and Thinker. The sidebar on the right contains additional resources and learning material.

Tip: It is highly recommended to read the documentation on each of the "Using This Section" pages inside the Plan, Background, Agenda, and Outcomes. These pages contain valuable tips and techniques to help you prepare and design your Session.


The Session consists of the following components:

  • The Plan, which helps you define your Session parameters, objectives and outcomes.
  • The Background, which helps you prepare for your Session, provide Thinkers with pre-read documents, and initiate communication to your Thinkers.
  • The Agenda, which is where you design your ThinkTank Session by dragging and dropping activities from the Designer tab.
  • The Outcomes, where you evaluate the Session once it is complete, and, based on the outcomes/results, plan the required action moving forward.

To refer back to these detailed tips and techniques, click on the Using This Section tile for the associated Plan, Background, Agenda or Outcomes activity:

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