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If a Leader (Session Owner who created a Session) has constructed a Session that contains activities, contributions, permissions, instructions, etc. that other Leaders could use in future Sessions, the Session can be published as a ThinkApp from the Session Preview screen. Co-Leaders of a Session can also publish that particular Session as a ThinkApp. Workspace Administrators, however, can publish any Session as a ThinkApp.

To publish a Session as a ThinkApp:

  1. From the Home screen, click on a Session thumbnail, and then click on the Click to Show Preview  icon. The Session preview screen opens.

  1. From the Session's preview screen, click on the Publish as ThinkApp  button.
  1. The Create ThinkApp dialog box opens. Enter a name and description (optional) for the new ThinkApp.

  1. Select the information should be included in the new ThinkApp:
  • Shared: Makes your ThinkApp public and shares it with other Leaders in your ThinkTank Workspace
  • Contributions: Ideas, categories, and entries made by Thinkers
  • Roster: List of all Thinkers who have joined a Session
  • Documents: Documents and files that were saved to the activities in the Session
  • Vote Results: Charts and tables that display the results from any voting activities
  • Permissions: Allows you to preserve any specific changes to the permission settings of an activity (if set to No, the default permission settings are used)
  1. Click on Submit, and the file will be saved with a .gsml extension on your hard drive.



When you publish a ThinkApp from a Session, please note that the ThinkApp will inherit the Session's Default Permissions. In addition, any subsequent Sessions created from the ThinkApp will inherit these same Default Permissions. Please keep this mind, especially if you intend to use the "View Self" permission for specific activities, which will not work as expected if Default Permissions are set to "Co-Leader".

For example, if you publish a ThinkApp from a Session whose Default Permissions were set to "Co-Leader", the ThinkApp and Sessions created from the ThinkApp will also inherit the "Co-Leader" Default Permissions, which may not be ideal for every Session.

As a best practice, check the Session's Default Permissions (Reviewer, Creator, Editor, or Co-Leader) before you publish a Session as a ThinkApp. A "Creator" can create and edit content but can’t change items made by other people, so the “View Self” permission will work as expected.

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