Smartphone Client Usability Guidelines

Leaders conducting Sessions with smartphone participants should consider several usability guidelines for Thinker functionality in ThinkTank Smartphone Client.

  • Thinkers see one column at a time on their mobile devices, so use the Magnet accordingly. When you Magnet Thinkers to a selected item that has associated items to its right, Thinkers only see the items in the right column. For example, if you select a left category containing 5 ideas in the middle column and hit the magnet, Thinkers see the 5 ideas from the middle column on their screens.
  • Click on the Green Dot next to each column to hide/show the column. If Thinkers are currently viewing a column that you hide, they are moved to an adjacent visible column.
  • For each column, modify the Activity Settings as necessary. The activity settings allow or prevent Thinkers from completing basic operations (add, reorder, indent/outdent, edit contributions).
  • Currently, nametags and time stamps are not supported in ThinkTank Smartphone Client. If you enable their visibility in an activity, only those participants using ThinkTank Leader Client can see them.
  • Thinkers can vote in all column types, using buttons, sliders, device keyboard, and/or swiping for input.
  • Use Green Dots accordingly. You can hide individual Ballot Items so that Thinkers cannot vote on them by clicking on the Green Dots to the left of the ballot items The dots turn gray when hidden from Thinkers.
  • Thinkers must complete voting in each column before proceeding to the next.
    • A green right arrow displays at the upper right when Thinkers have finished the assessment for the column, and can tap it to proceed.
    • Otherwise, Thinkers see a yellow 'warning' triangle at the upper right if they attempt to move to the next column without voting.
  • Thinkers are required to vote on all ballot items in every column. Thinkers can cast their votes for the entire ballot by tapping the green Cast Vote (green airplane) icon after voting on all ballot items in every column.
  • Currently, you can enable vote abstention by column only. Thinkers can, however, tap on the 'Abstain' button at the upper right in each column to abstain from the entire vote.
  • If a column has no allocation, Thinkers must vote on each ballot item in the column.
  • Thinkers must allocate an entire budget before proceeding to the next column. If a column has allocation (for example, you assign a 100-point budget, all of which must be allocated across ballot items), Thinkers must spend the entire budget before proceeding to the next column.
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