Smartphone Client Session Guidelines

ThinkTank Smartphone Client enables Thinkers to participate in ThinkTank Sessions using personal hand-held devices (iOS and Android smartphones on their native browsers). ThinkTank Smartphone Client is a convenient way for ThinkTank Session participants to interact with the group using Crowdsource, Presentation, PictureThis!, and Custom Assessment activities.

ThinkTank Smartphone Client significantly reduces the hardware cost of running Sessions, as Leaders do not have to provide laptops or other tablets to every participant. Additionally, participants can use their own familiar, personal devices instead of using unfamilar laptops or tablets.

Note: Your ThinkTank Workspace Administrator determines whether ThinkTank Smartphone Client is installed on your workspace, as it is an optional component in the ThinkTank Installation Wizard.

Crowdsource Column

Assessment - Slider Column

Presentation Slide


When building a Session for smartphone participants, you must first consider the current limitations in ThinkTank Smartphone Client:

  • ThinkTank Smartphone Client currently only provides Thinker functionality. Leaders and Co-Leaders, if logged in to ThinkTank Smartphone Client, are also only provided Thinker functionality.
  • ThinkTank Smartphone Client currently supports the following activities and Thinker functionality:
    1. Welcome (view Welcome activity image)
    2. Custom Crowdsource (add, edit, reorder/move, indent/outdent, copy/paste, delete contributions)
    3. Custom Assessment (Thinkers can vote on all criteria types and see most types of vote results)
    4. Presentation (view and swipe through slides, view full-screen, zoom, add comments)
    5. PictureThis! (view and swipe through slides; view full-screen, zoom, add comments)

Note: Matrix, Rank Order Vote, and ThinkTag activities are not yet supported.

  • Nametag and Time Stamp visibility is not yet supported in ThinkTank Smartphone Client.
  • Upload Picture functionality is not yet supported in Visual activities.

With these limitations in mind, keep the design of Smartphone Client Sessions as simple and succinct as possible. Also consider your participants and their comfort and patience with using a smartphone for an extended period of time. Also, ensure you read the content in the topic, Create a ThinkTank Session.

Before the Session begins, ensure Thinkers can connect to the Session.

  1. Ensure Thinkers use supported devices:
  • Before the Session, refer to the ThinkTank Certified Devices and Platforms document for the full list of certified devices, browsers, and operating systems.

  • iOS and Android smartphones on their native browsers and latest operating systems are supported.

Note: If a Thinker attempts to access ThinkTank Smartphone Client from an unsupported device or platform, a notification message displays. The Thinker can click through the notification, but some ThinkTank Smartphone Client features may not display or function properly.

  1. Ask Thinkers to connect to the Session in one of the following ways:
  • Click on the session link provided in your invitation email. Smartphone users are automatically redirected to the Smartphone Client ("/m" is added to the URL) when accessing the Session URL.

  • Type the session URL in the browser address bar (for example, https://YourThinkTankWorkspaceURL).

  • Using a standard QR code app, Thinkers can scan the session QR code from another phone. The QR code is found by first tapping the upper left Smartphone Client Settings icon in the Session:

    Then scan the QR code:

  • Alternatively, in the same Settings screen shown above, you or your participants can click on the EMAIL SESSION LINK button to send invitations to additional participants.

  • If already set up, tap the “Session Shortcut” on the smartphone’s Home screen. For details on the shortcut setup, see the section on Add Shortcut to Home Screen.

  1. Ask Thinkers to log in as Guests to ThinkTank's Smartphone Client. If Thinkers should be Account Holders, refer to the section, Create a ThinkTank Account, in the Login topic.

Only lead Sessions from a desktop or laptop. Because of the limited processing power and smaller screen size that older tablets and mobile devices could have, you should only run Sessions from a desktop or laptop computer, not from an iPad, tablet, or other mobile device.

  1. Only Magnet Thinkers to the currently supported activities in ThinkTank Smartphone Client. If you try to navigate smartphone Thinkers to an unsupported activity, they will not see the same screen you are currently viewing.
    • Leaders will see a warning message indicating that the Session has 'X' number of Thinkers using smartphones who cannot participate in the unsupported activity.
    • Conversely, Thinkers on smartphones will be presented a notification indicating that they cannot participate in the activity they have selected or been 'Magneted' to and must use a laptop or tablet to participate in the activity.
  2. Log in to ThinkTank Smartphone Client to see the Thinker view. Use a supported mobile device to log in as a Guest so that you are able to view the session as your participants see it.
  1. Test your Session. Schedule and execute a Session dry-run. To improve your execution and efficiency during the Session, complete a dry-run with co-leaders and client team leaders, if possible. It is especially important to test iPad and smartphone Sessions, if possible, since they can have less processing power than laptops.
  1. Before the Session begins, connect smartphone devices to the dedicated wifi network or smarphone carrier network. Ensure the dedicated wifi has enough bandwidth to support all Session participants and simultaneous logins. 3G, 4G, and LTE networks, if they are fast enough, should support ThinkTank smartphone sessions. Ensure successful logins for Account Holders and/or Guests, and see if sessions load in a timely manner.
  2. Ask Thinkers to swipe through the User Assistance walkthrough tutorials to learn basic functionality, if time allows. ThinkTank Smartphone Client's intuitive interface typically focuses on one Crowdsource column, one Assessment Criteria column, one slide, and one image at a given time. However, it is recommended to familiarize new participants with the interface.
    • Tap the upper right question mark in the brand bar to view the index of User Assistance walkthroughs, which are related contextually to the current activity:

  • Tap on a topic to view its respective walkthrough tutorial. In the Crowdsource 'Navigation' walkthrough, for example, 5 screens illustrate the basic navigation through a Crowdsource activity; 5 screens walk you through how to 'Add Contributions' in a Crowdsource activity, etc.

If ThinkTank Smartphone Client becomes unresponsive, ask Thinkers to try one of the following options:

  • If a Thinker screen locks, wait 5-10 seconds. It is possible that ThinkTank Smartphone Client needs some time to update with newly added/edited contributions, cast votes, etc. This can occur in larger Sessions, especially if there are many Thinkers working simultaneously on one activity in the Session.
  • If ThinkTank Smartphone Client is running in a browser window, refresh the web page.
  • If ThinkTank Smartphone Client was launched from the Home Screen shortcut, tap out to return to the Home Screen, and re-launch the ThinkTank Smartphone Client shortcut.

For each ThinkTank Smartphone Client Session, you can add a shortcut to your device’s Home screen (shown right). You or any participant can add a Session shortcut to maximize the screen area of ThinkTank Smartphone Client.

To add a Session shortcut:

  1. When logged into ThinkTank Smartphone Client on a supported browser, locate the Add to Home Screen option.
    • In Safari, tap on the Share icon at the bottom, which looks like a square with an arrow pointing upward.
    • In Chrome, tap on the three vertical dots icon at the upper right of the browser.
  2. Tap Add to Home screen.
  3. Provide a name/title, and tap Add. A ThinkTank Smartphone Client icon displays on the home screen of the device.

Note: To add ThinkTank to Home Screen without linking to a particular session, tap Add to Home Screen from the main URL (for example, https://YourThinkTankWorkspaceURL) without logging into a Session.

Any feedback, from Leaders and Thinkers, is welcome and greatly appreciated. ThinkTank Smartphone Client is still in development, so please report any issues or send feedback to

At the end of the Session, participants can complete the following tasks:

  • Encourage Thinkers to complete the Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback activities at the end of each ThinkTank Smartphone Client session.
  • From the Settings gear wheel in ThinkTank Smartphone Client, you or your participants can tap on the “Send Product Feedback” link to email feedback:

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