Leaders and Co-Leaders can generate Session reports to capture summaries of ThinkTank Sessions. By default, all activities and their associated contributions, categories, ideas, and comments appear in a report. The Leader determines whether the roster, Custom Matrix columns, and specific activities display in the report. Reports can be generated in HTML, Excel, or Word format.

To generate a report:

  1. To generate a Session report, click on your profile initials at the upper right to open the menu options:

  1. Select Session Report from the drop-down menu.
  1. The Report Options dialog box opens. Select the appropriate report options (described in next two sections).

  1. By default, all activities display in the report. To exclude one or more activities from the report, click on the blue highlighted activity so that it turns white (not selected). Alternatively, you can click on Deselect All, and then select the appropriate activities. You can click on Select All once again, if necessary.
  2. When finished with your selections, click on Submit.

Note: Depending on the number of activities, complexity of activities, etc., the report may take several seconds to generate.

  1. If you generated an HTML report, it displays in a popup window. If you generated an Excel or Word report, click on Download to download and open/save the report.

Before a new report is generated, you must select the report options that display in the report.

Note: Some of the following report options may not be available if they are not applicable to the Session.

  • Report Format specifies if the report will be created as HTML, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word Document.
  • Include Roster includes the list of Session participants.
  • *Include Name Tags includes the Name Tags which denote who made a contribution. The Show Name Tags option must be selected in that Activity’s settings to generate Name Tags. If this setting is not enabled, this option will not display in the Report Options dialog box.
  • *Include Time Stamps includes the time each contribution was made. The Show Time Stamps option must be selected in that Activity’s settings to generate Time Stamps.
  • Contribution Layout lets you select how the information in your report will be formatted. This is only an option for HTML format. If you select the Grid option, grid-like tables display information; Outline displays data in an outline format.
  • Custom Matrix Columns enables you to select which columns of a Matrix to include in the report. For more information, see the next section on Selecting Custom Matrix Columns.

Note: * If this activity setting is not enabled, this option will not display in the Report Options dialog.

When a Session contains a Matrix activity, you can select the columns that display in the report.

To select the Matrix columns:

  1. In the Report Options dialog box, set the Custom Matrix Columns option to Yes (shown below).

  1. Click on the plus sign + to display the Matrix columns under each activity.
  2. By default, all Matrix columns are included in the report. Click on any columns to deselect them.
    • Alternatively, click on Deselect All and then click on the appropriate columns to include in the report.
    • You can click on Select All once again, if necessary.
  1. Click on Submit to generate the report.

One page of a Word report is shown below:

In the MS Word Session report, you can view a Word Cloud image for each of the Crowdsourcing activities in your session. In your Brainstorm, words that appear most commonly are larger in the Word Cloud (and dark red in color). Less common words are displayed in smaller font and fade to gray.

This scenario applies when a Leader Magnets participants to the Custom Assessment Results view, and subsequently runs a report. Reports are generated in the order in which items are displayed in the Custom Assessment view when the Magnet is pressed.

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