What are the differences between a co-leader and a leader?

Leaders and co-leaders are both roles within a session. The leader role is auto assigned when the session is created. Co-leaders are created within the session. See further details below:


  1. A leader is an account holder who owns the session.
  2. The leader may promote other participants to co-leader, and demote from co-leader as needed.
  3. A leader controls all settings within a session, design the session, and usually invite others to join.
  4. Leaders should go through session leader training before leading sessions to learn about session design and facilitation skills.
  5. There is only one leader per session.


  1. Co-leaders are session participants that have been promoted to co-leader.
  2. Co-leaders can manipulate activity settings, and see all activities, however they cannot manipulate overall session settings.
  3. Guests and thinker account holders, who are promoted to co-leader will not be able to promote others to co-leader.
  4. Co-leaders who are account holders with leader or workspace admin accounts may promote others to co-leader.
  5. A leader may make all participants co-leaders by setting the overall session settings to co-leader

For more information about roles and permissions, visit this article: ThinkTank Account Types, Session Roles, and Permissions.

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